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Cultural Intelligence is the #1 skill needed for leaders and teams in our 21st Century.   The Arab Culturalist is specialized in developing your ability to recognize how cultural differences can be harnessed  and utilized to create innovative, inclusive work, study or travel experiences. Our programs and workshops develop your ability to recognize where cultural boundaries exist whether they are geographical, cultural, generational, or industry related and learn to bridge the divide.

Nasif Kayed & Debbie Jaunich hold Advanced Certification in CQ Cultural Intelligence. Read the Article to learn more about how building your CQ with us will have immediate results.

CQ is in the NEWS!

The ‘hidden talent’ that determines success

Imagine meeting someone for the first time who comes from a distant country but is fluent in your language. There may appear to be no immediate communication barrier, so would you adapt the tone and cadence of your voice, or the spacing of pauses in your speech?

We Assess

Understanding how culture effects communication is key to building a team that understands the nuances of their workplace and how culture plays a role in communication styles. Let us diagnose your organization’s needs to cross cultural boundaries for a more efficient, effective workplace.

We Develop

Through thoughtful and deliberate steps, we develop a plan that helps you or your organization build the skills necessary to work across cultures.

We Train

Through workshops and knowledge based talks and training, we provide you with the tools to improve cultural communication skills that have a lasting impact on you and your organization.

Nasif Kayed and his staff are experts in the field of cultural understanding and local traditions.  With a combined 40 years of experience in the field, our cultural awareness presentations and workshops will put you at ease and build a successful team of individuals who understand each other and can work together to meet the companies’ objectives.

Contact us now for a consultation, or visit Our Services page or Learn More about Cultural Intelligence.  For more information. Download Nasif Kayed’s Speaker Profile

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