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In our global culturally diverse cities it is essential that leaders and and their teams employ strategies to help new recruits and seasoned employees navigate the intricacies of doing business in the UAE. Getting to know the local culture and traditions are the foundation to a “Culturally Intelligent” workplace environment. At the Arab Culturalist we offer:

Corporate Culture – Our one of a kind program based on 25 years of experience in both the corporate environment and Arab culture sets us apart. Our unique, insightful, thought provoking cultural sessions are meant to evoke a self-evaluation of hidden biases and stereotypes that block your professional development. Understanding ourselves in the context of corporate and social culture will hone your multi-cultural communication skills leading to confidence, team building, and leadership. Every program is unique to your corporate environment and is compatible with all levels within your organization. We also cover basic principles about doing business in Dubai, do’s and dont’s and cultural etiquette, to create a cohesive work environment.

Expat Acclimation – Many new hires move to the region with their spouse and children who may be unfamiliar with their new living environment. Support services for families are equally important to the success of the employee within your organization. Our unique bespoke programs combine cultural awareness and practical guides to living and working in the UAE for all ages and families.

Educational Staff Inductions -Its critical that Educators are advised about the importance of local culture and customs while teaching in the middle east. The UAE is not only home to Emiratis but a second home for Arabs and GCC Nationals that span an entire region. Knowing the cultural nuances of the region can be critical in teacher – staff – parent – student relationships. The Arab Culturalist has years of experience and a proven track record of improving Cultural Competencies within the school community aimed at retention of new and seasoned hires.

 Inter Cultural Staff Development -Let us take your staff through a continuing journey to develop their cultural intelligence skills over the course of several bespoke sessions. While our Cultural Induction program touches on several key concepts, our Staff Development program addresses these topics more in depth, focusing on maintaining the staff’s cultural knowledge and addressing new challenges. The aim is to continually improve their cultural competency and communication skills. Let us design a program that fits the specific needs of your organization by working alongside your HR Department to develop the program that’s the right fit for you.

Project Consultancy – Project Management firms are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of adding a Cultural Consultant to their team as an integral part of winning a project bid.  Nasif Kayed, Founder of the Arab Culturalist can provide expert cultural advice, and help any organization set itself apart during the bid process for current and future projects.

Keynote Speaker – Events and Conferences Invite Nasif Kayed as the Keynote Speaker at your next conference or event. Mr. Kayed has spoken at many major events throughout the UAE and abroad, and addresses VIP audiences, diplomats, company executives as well as convention visitors and staff. His talks are highly engaging and suitable for any audience.

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