What defines culture? Is it clothing, mannerisms, traditions? Is it religion, celebrations, or ceremonial practices? What does it mean to be cultured?

Today our world has become a village, and we live and work among a multitude of cultures and attitudes. How do we navigate the intricacies of a multi-cultural work environment? The trends in team building and leadership training these days are all about 20th-century buzz words like “knowledge indexes” and “emotional intelligence quotients”.  But in our global villages, the real measure of success in navigating our diverse business relationships  in what is termed  “Cultural Intelligence.”  It’s a unique set of skills that equip you to form long lasting successful relationships with co-workers and clients,  as well as relationships  in your personal life. I started speaking about communication styles among differing cultures more than 30 years ago while consulting my many fellow entrepreneurs in the States. Yes, I was an entrepreneur at the age of 20, running my own business and helping others to develop theirs. I was an Arab living in America’s south at first as a student at North Carolina State University. With the little money my family had scraped together to send me to college and huge amount of hard work, I opened my first business. I came from a poor family, and my father had saved just enough money to send me to America to follow the American dream: college, job, and then support my family back in Kuwait. By the time I left the states, I had developed, managed and sold 40 successful businesses and franchises, and devoted my spare time as a lecturer and volunteer in my local community.  When I landed in Dubai in 2007, I hit the ground running and managed to find a niche in the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Centre for Cultural Understanding, first as a volunteer and then as the Managing Director of the centre. I’ve since returned to consulting, and want to share my knowledge and expertise to change the way we deal with one another, in the workplace or life, with tolerance, and peaceful coexistence.

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